Monday 19th January & Thursday 19th March 201510am – 5pmFab Lab London.

With Rob Maslin and Mark Shayler

What exactly is service design, why do we need it and why is it particularly important for building a circular economy?
In these day-long workshops, the Great Recovery team will introduce the concept of service design and will cover its basic applications and benefits to business for a circular economy, taking participants through a design process with practical exercises. Using Innovate UK’s funded competitions (e.g. ‘recovering valuable materials from waste’ / ‘circular economy: business models’) as a reference point, we will explore the practicalities and challenges of designing services and systems that work for a 21st century world.


Identifying opportunities: service design in a circular economy

Monday 19th January
In this first workshop participants will use design research tools to discover and define opportunities for ‘human-centred’ services. We will work in teams on three practical briefs, heading out at lunchtime to hunt for ‘real world’ insights. These will be brought back to the lab, and be used to understand and identify the opportunities for a service design approach in a circular economy.


Developing a service solution in a circular economy

Thursday 19th March
The second workshop will introduce the service development and delivery phase of the design process. We will discuss some of the tools and their benefits in creating services, before building on the insights from the first workshop in a practical exercise. Service solutions will be developed and we will think through how these might be delivered.

Both workshops are free, with morning and afternoon refreshments provided, but you will be asked to pay for your own lunch.

Spaces are limited – sign up here to reserve yours!


To find out more about our past events, here are a few of our highlights:

Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall
Perched on the very edge of the Cornish coastline, this dis-used tin mine gave us a fascinating insight into the start of life: where do our materials come from?
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Closed Loop, Dagenham
Nick Cliffe gave us a glimpse into the innovative world of plastic recycling, including both the successes and problems that arise when returning packaging back to food grade.
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Sweeep, Kent
With its mountains of e-waste, a claw crane and an innovative cathode ray tube furnace, we had a fantastic time at Sweeep finding out how just what happens to our unwanted electronics.
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S2S, Rotherham
S2S do everything from manufacturing to refurbishment and recycling of existing electronic products, and has an incredible 98% materials recycling rate.
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CatReman, Shrewsbury
At Caterpillars re-manufacturing plant we learnt all about the manual process of taking apart and reconstructing engines, as well as how to create a successful business model and service.
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LMB Textiles, East London
This family run business recycles clothes from across the South East, sending most of them to Africa, where there is a huge market for second hand western clothing.
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MERI, Sheffield Hallam University
At Sheffields Materials and Engineering Research Institute we were given a glimpse into the fascinating world of materials science, and the tools that are used to investigate what’s in our stuff.
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