After spending six months down mines, in hard hats and on factory floors, we have now come to the end of our first Great Recovery workshop series. Here are a few of our highlights:

Geevor Tin Mine, Cornwall
Perched on the very edge of the Cornish coastline, this dis-used tin mine gave us a fascinating insight into the start of life: where do our materials come from?
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Closed Loop, Dagenham
Nick Cliffe gave us a glimpse into the innovative world of plastic recycling, including both the successes and problems that arise when returning packaging back to food grade.
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Sweeep, Kent
With its mountains of e-waste, a claw crane and an innovative cathode ray tube furnace, we had a fantastic time at Sweeep finding out how just what happens to our unwanted electronics.
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S2S, Rotherham
S2S do everything from manufacturing to refurbishment and recycling of existing electronic products, and has an incredible 98% materials recycling rate.
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CatReman, Shrewsbury
At Caterpillars re-manufacturing plant we learnt all about the manual process of taking apart and reconstructing engines, as well as how to create a successful business model and service.
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LMB Textiles, East London
This family run business recycles clothes from across the South East, sending most of them to Africa, where there is a huge market for second hand western clothing.
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MERI, Sheffield Hallam University
At Sheffields Materials and Engineering Research Institute we were given a glimpse into the fascinating world of materials science, and the tools that are used to investigate what’s in our stuff.
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