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What is the Great Recovery?

The current economic and environmental challenges of take, make, dispose manufacturing are becoming apparent. Increasing supply risk and rising costs of materials is putting pressure on businesses to change. We need to shift towards more circular systems and good design thinking is pivotal to this transition. The Great Recovery is building new networks to explore the issues, investigate innovation gaps and incubate new partnerships.

The Tipping Point: Where design comes to die


What happens to stuff we throw away? In our Design Residencies pilot programme, the Great Recovery brought together three designers and gave them a first-hand insight into what happens to products when they are thrown away.

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The Great Recovery Report


This report covers the first 6 months of the Great Recovery project, including the circular network, workshops and teardown observations and recommendations.

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3D Printing: A new mindset for the Circular Economy


Clare Cunningham, co-founder and Creative Director at Faberdashery explores how the 3D printing movement will encourage more circular ‘stuff’.

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The Great Recovery at Resource

Resource_Wheel Middle_640

We were thrilled by the reception we received at the Resource show last month. Having managed to bag ourselves a front-of-house space, an incredible number of visitors came by to tell us how much they loved the stand, how useful they found our colourful diagrams, and how much they were looking forward to the next phase of the project!

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Restarting electronics: Addressing the needs of the silent majority

restart cropped

Janet Gunter, from The Restart Project, explores the possibility that most of us are not obsessed with endless consumption of electronics, and would rather get more use out of the devices we currently own.

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