sophie on bins

We’re all familiar with dropping items into our household bins – this bottle for recycling, that packet for waste – but what happens to these bags and their contents when they leave our curbside? Sophie Thomas joined Kensington and Chelsea’s Waste and Recycling collectors to find out. Continue reading


Head of Programme for The Great Recovery, Lucy Chamberlin reflects on our most recent Fab Friday event Last Friday we hosted our second Fab Friday event at Fab Lab London. Excitingly, our participants represented a vibrant cross-section of the Circular Network: from plumbers to architects, university lecturers to graphic designers, biomimicry students to social justice… Continue reading

bottles crop

We can all be guilty of slipping the odd plastic bottle into the black bag, but Sebastian de Cabo Portugal, intern at RSA The Great Recovery, reminds us why recycling at home is so important, and gives us his top tips to remember. How much time have you ever spent thinking about what you throw… Continue reading