This post is the first of a new series, following the progress of &Share in their first year. &Share is an online start-up which is looking to move us towards a circular economy by facilitating the sharing of resources.

Alex Whitcroft is a multi-disciplinary designer focused on holistic sustainability, in particular community building and closed loop design.
He is the founder of &Share, a resource sharing web platform for enterprises, as well as being a certified Passivhaus Designer and running the small cooperative architectural studio AWB, working on affordable, closed-loop housing.
As he describes it “sustainability must have just been in my bones. I’ve always practised and believed in it – long before I’d been told it was this thing call “sustainability”. It just was just the obvious approach.”

In 2009 I climbed out of a dusty white pickup truck in rural Missouri into the heat of a Mid West summer. I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of a life-changing 4 year chapter in my life. I had recently graduated from a BSc in architecture in Cardiff and had arrived at D.R. Ecovillage to spend 3 months building a strawbale house. I stayed 2 years and ended up lead designed for an 8,500sqft eco community centre and learning a huge amount, first hand, about collaboration, community, consensus, pioneering spirit, and what 42°C and 98% relative humidity feels like… Continue reading

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Fioen van Balgooi helps companies that design textile products become more circular by being part of the design team as an ‘eco-effective’ designer, sourcing materials & techniques and doing research & development in this field. Here she talks us through a few techniques that make decorated textiles easier to disassemble. Continue reading

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Hannover Blog

Earlier this month, The Great Recovery attended the 16th European Forum on Eco-Innovation in Hannover. This year’s topic was ‘Wasted Potential! Towards circular economy in cities’, and as such The Great Recovery was invited to present its work as one of 13 case studies from across the EU.

Over the two days, we heard from a spectrum of businesses, regional authorities and citizen groups who are tackling problems of waste in urban areas. Some of the most unexpected were also the most inspiring! Continue reading

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Resource_Wheel Middle_640

We were thrilled by the reception we received at the Resource show last month. Having managed to bag ourselves a front-of-house space, an incredible number of visitors came by to tell us how much they loved the stand, how useful they found our colourful diagrams, and how much they were looking forward to the next phase of the project! Continue reading


Clare Cunningham is co-founder and Creative Director at Faberdashery. Clare studied Eco Design at Goldsmiths College and has worked freelance on projects ranging from Green Mapping and public art commissioning to sustainable products and promotional design. In 2011 Clare co-founded Faberdashery; a company specialising in producing beautiful, British-made, 3D printing materials. Faberdashery are industry leaders in the production of PLA (bio-plastic) 3D printing filament. Clare is fuelled by Earl Grey tea, a love of making and the conviction that 3D printing is a world changing technology. Follow @iamclarec. Here she explores how the 3D printing movement will encourage more circular ‘stuff’. Continue reading

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