This guest post by Rob Maslin (founder of We All Design) and Dr Sharon Prendeville (Independent Consultant), part of the team organising the London Circular Jam, was originally posted on the Design Special Interest Group site.


Followed by Frank’s sobering talk on the impact of our linear economy on our environment.

Richard’s ice breaker!

Meeting super people flown in from Spain, Germany, Sweden…

Abstract provocations: the global theme ‘AB3’!?

Seeing Sven deftly disassemble a shoe with only the aid of a hair dryer!

A tear down…and more importantly, a build up!

Inspiring discussions on changing values.

The very FIRST Circular Design Canvas.

Miquel emphatically stating that, ‘no matter how big our thinking circles, there are always bigger circles. . .’

The Circular Jam Rap (feat The Girls from Kingston)…

Skyping with designers in exotic places all around the globe.

Menka’s tips on what makes good design research.

Jenni’s ‘#ThisIsWhyWeJam video.

Imagining, what would happen if we treated damaged phones as we do injured people?

Llorence, taking one for the team: role playing a 5 year old.

More beer!

Meeting up with the like­minded Jammers from other Jam events in London…and so much more!

All this happened in a single, action­packed weekend in November 2013 ‒ when we hosted the first ever London Circular Jam! You’ll be thrilled to hear that . . . this year, we’re back! And we’re going to create a whole load of new stories! From the 21st-­23rd November, you have the opportunity to be a jammer, be mentored by world­-renowned business and sustainability leaders, make new connections, practice your skills and above all, have some fun!

The Circular Jam is London’s contribution to a brilliant volunteer­led global event that happens every year, called the Global Sustainability Jam. Last year there were over 80 events organised globally, all over the course of the same 48 hours. It is to designers and anybody interested in sustainability, what a ‘jam’ is to musicians. It is about improvising, it is about play, and it is about action. We structure the day with events and activities, provide participants with tools and expert mentors, to guide, inspire ideas and solve problems. But most importantly we promote a ‘doing before talking’ philosophy.

Why are we ‘circular’? Because, we think waste is just the right stuff in the wrong place. The very idea of waste is really a design flaw. What we need, is to design systems that support and connect to other systems, by using the outputs of one, as the inputs for others. In short, to be sustainable, we need to think in circles. We need to create systems that don’t leak value. Yes, this definitely means designing better materials flows, but it also means a more resilient economy, natural systems that are not depleted, solutions that respect nature and allow biodiversity to flourish, solutions that mean everyone has access to clean water and a whole lot more.

This year we are very excited to be holding the Jam at the newly launched Fab Lab, a maker hub in London, with facilities for laser cutting and rapid prototyping. With the support of the Design SIG, our other generous sponsors, and a new team of amazing mentors, the event will be on the weekend of 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November 2014.

It is going to take collaboration of all professions to make a sustainable society. We welcome anyone with an interest in sustainability and the circular economy ‒ from design, science, the humanities, the arts, consultants, local authorities and businesses ‒ to develop solutions for some of the biggest environmental and societal challenges.

Tickets can now be purchased here. Sign up to our mailing list for updates. For more information on what happened see last year’s video or visit our website.

From everyone organising the Circular Jam hope to see you soon.