Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are to invest up to £4.5m in collaborative R&D projects that seek to increase the recovery of valuable materials from waste streams.

Competition Scope

The aim of this competition is to develop processes for dealing with continuously produced waste streams to maximise the value of recovered resources. Proposals should describe how they seek to maximise the value of outputs and, for this reason, those solely seeking to recover energy from waste are out of scope. Projects focused on product-return approaches, such as remanufacture, refurbishment and leasing, are also out of scope.

Potential areas include (but are not limited to):

·      improved collection schemes

·      techniques for identification of materials and parts

·      identification and processing of waste materials at speed

·      real-time monitoring of contaminants

·      recovery of valuable resources from wastewater or factory effluent

Click here to download the competition brief.

Competition Group

A group has been created to support people wishing to enter the competition. Please join this group to receive updates regarding the competition, events and to contribute to the discussion board.

Competition Events

A brokerage event is planned for 14th January 2015 in London. Please save the date!

Support from the KTN

For scope advice, partner searches and proposal advice, please contact catherine.joce@ktn-uk.org

Check out the website here